Getting through these last couple of years has been a bit like visiting an amusement park. For many, what was supposed to be a good time turned out to be a terror as they saw their life savings and investments evaporate, and their homes lost to foreclosure. This left many seeking help from CAC for the first time in their lives. For them, wading through an unfamiliar system of supports was discouraging and difficult.

community gardensFor most of the people we work with, however, not much has changed.  They don’t have retirement accounts or investments. They still are looking for work, or better paying work, competing now against even more applicants than usual. Their housing situation is still precarious at times, with more people facing eviction.  Families are still living in their cars, often with children in tow. Food pantry usage continues to climb. 

Not all is gloom and doom, however. Along the way, several bright lights have come on. A wonderful partnership with the Madison Community Foundation has enabled us to expand pantry and community gardens throughout Dane County. This brings more fresh produce into the pantries, and by extension, into people’s homes.  This food is grown locally, and eaten locally. And children, especially, had more fresh food.

volenteers sorting clothing koats for kids

Fred Schnook
Executive Director
Community Action Coalition For South Central WI, Inc.


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