CAC will be closed December 25 through January 1st for the holidays and will reopen January 2nd.
Please hold your clothing donations until we reopen on Jan. 2, 2018, Thank You!

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Thanks to our sponsors and all that attended our first annual Circle of Friends Fundraiser!!!

The day was a huge success in supporting our mission: "To develop economic and social capacities of individuals, families and communities to reduce poverty
in Dane, Jefferson and Waukesha Counties"

Again Thanks for all you support!!!


Getting through these last couple of years has been a bit like visiting an amusement park. For many, what was supposed to be a good time turned out to be a terror as they saw their life savings and investments evaporate, and their homes lost to foreclosure. This left many seeking help from CAC for the first time in their lives. For them, wading through an unfamiliar system of supports was discouraging and difficult.

community gardensFor most of the people we work with, however, not much has changed.  They don’t have retirement accounts or investments. They still are looking for work, or better paying work, competing now against even more applicants than usual. Their housing situation is still precarious at times, with more people facing eviction.  Families are still living in their cars, often with children in tow. Food pantry usage continues to climb. 

Not all is gloom and doom, however. Along the way, several bright lights have come on. A wonderful partnership with the Madison Community Foundation has enabled us to expand pantry and community gardens throughout Dane County. This brings more fresh produce into the pantries, and by extension, into people’s homes.  This food is grown locally, and eaten locally. And children, especially, had more fresh food.

volenteers sorting clothing koats for kids

Libby Rowe
Interim Executive Director
Community Action Coalition For South Central Wisconsin, Inc.

2016 Needs Assessment
The 2016 Needs Assessment is now available online, for download or you may request a hard copy by contacting or calling 608-246-4730 X203

IRS Form 990

If you are interested in viewing CAC's most recent filings with the Internal Revenue Service, please contact CAC at or call Tim at (608) 246-4730 ext. 232.

Si usted está interesado en ver documentos oficiales más recientes de CAC por el IRS, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros en o llame por Tim (608) 246-4730 ext. 232.

Yog koj xav pom CAC cov se rau xyoo no, xav email rau los  hu rau Tim, xov tooj yog (608) 246-4730 ext 232.

Homeless Services Consortium

Also Known as the "Dane County Crisis Hotline"

Homeless Services Consortium of Dane County is a partnership of agencies, funders, advocates, and formerly homeless persons committed to preventing and ending homelessness. Please visit for more information. If you are in
need of housing programs, case management, referrals or financial assistance call toll free 855-510-2323 and listen to all the prompts carefully selecting the one that best fits your situation.

Housing Resource Vacancy List:

0-1 Bedrooms
2 Bedrooms
3+ Bedrooms
Full Vacancy List

Other Housing Resources - Additional housing resource lists are maintained by the Tenant Resource Center

Emergency and Temporary Housing Resources for Families
Emergency and Temporary Housing Resources for Single Women
Emergency and Temporary Housing Resources for Single Men
Motels that may be Less Expensive
Moderately Priced Housing List
Subsidized and Public Housing

Consumer Notice
Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System

Consumer Notice

This Agency receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and/or a federal, state or local public or private entity to provide services for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
In order to receive this funding, this agency must participate in the Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), which is administered by the Institute for Community Alliances. This system collects basic information about clients receiving services from this agency in order to get an accurate count of individuals and families who are homeless, and to identify the need to provide different services.
This agency will collect and share only the information that we consider to be appropriate. The collection and use of all personal information is guided by strict standards of confidentiality. A copy of our Privacy Notice describing our privacy practices is available to all consumers upon request.
Your information will be shared with other area agencies that participate in HMIS, unless you request that your information remain closed (confidential). Keeping your information closed means that your information will only be available to case workers and intake workers within this agency. If you are interested in keeping your records closed, please talk to a case manager or intake worker.
Public Notice (Federal Register/Vol. 69, No. 146)
Effective August 30, 2004