Staff Directory

To reach a CAC staff member by phone, call 608-237-1255

operations and finance

Amber Duddy, Executive Director
Meghan Mietchen, Associate Director
Tim Prodell, Finance Director
Jeremy Otte, Development Director
Ashley Pandow, Administrative Coordinator
David Knickmeier, IT Coordinator
Dave Schwarz, Accountant
Mari Ulatowski, Finance Specialist
Marissa Schmitt, Compliance Specialist
Devin Lopina, Communications and Learning Specialist
Vacant, Grants Coordinator

housing services

Andrea Sanders, Housing Director
Jeremy Schmidt, Housing Manager
Vacant, Family Services Manager
Susan Dobbe Chase, Caseworker – Dane County
Cielo Lazo, Caseworker – Dane County
Clarice Lightning, Caseworker
Lori Blockel, Caseworker
Daniela Carmona, Caseworker – Waukesha County
Arnice McGruder, Caseworker – Waukesha County
Robert Marthaler, Caseworker – SSVF
Charlie Arndt, Caseworker – SSVF
Christopher Summers, Caseworker
Sandy Hahn, Caseworker – Jefferson County
Lindsey Kraemer, Caseworker
Samantha Centero, Caseworker – Youth

emergency assistance

Brittany Palmer, Mortgage Assistance Supervisor
Shoshanna Doyle, CORE Specialist
Lucy Cornejo, Rental Assistance Specialist
Glenn Altstadt, CORE Manager
Justin Conley, Rental Assistance Specialist
Yolimar Flores-Miatech, Rental Assistance Specialist
Jackie McKnelly, Mortgage Assistance Specialist
Lisa Helms, Mortgage Assistance Specialist
Pam Jung, Mortgage Assistance Specialist
Gloria Knight, Rental Assistant Specialist
Josh Earle, Rental Assistant Specialist
Spencer Childers, CORE Manager
Rhiannon Tonies, CORE Manager
Kayla Peckman, Rental Assistant Specialist
Sabrina Gilliam, CORE Specialist

community programs

Jay Nielsen, Program Director
Sara Ariss, Food Bank Manager
Lindsey Karls, Community Program Manager
Kara White, Intake Manager
Mary Ann Forbes, Community System Coordinator
Vacant, Double Dollars Coordinator
Nate Hudson, Food Security Specialist
Scott Perkins, Food Security Specialist
Anthony Blevins, Food Security Specialist
Sydney Esse, Community Health Worker
Makayla Giese, Community Health Specialist
Amber VandeLinde, Intake Specialist
Yekaterina Clacks, Intake Specialist
Kim Staling, Intake Specialist
Cynthia Wilkins, Intake Specialist

Board of Directors

Samantha Wendt, President

Larry Nelson, Vice President

Chara Taylor-Henning, Treasurer

Betty Groenewold, Secretary

Jennifer Andrews (Finance/Personnel Committee Chair) 

Katie Gillespie (PP&D/Fundraising Committee Chair)

Sarah Butz

Jude Hartwick

Linda Ketcham

April Kigeya

Kirk Lund

Rob McMurrich

Britanie Peaslee

Jennifer Rowedder

Julie Spitzack

MJ Van Voorst

Sandy Wareing