Staff Directory

To reach a CAC staff member by phone, call 608-237-1255

operations and finance

Amber Duddy, Executive Director |
Meghan Mietchen, Associate Director |
Tim Prodell, Finance Director |
Jeremy Otte, Development Director |
Dave Hunt, Director of Quality Assurance |
Ashley Pandow, Administrative Coordinator |
David Knickmeier, IT Coordinator |
Dave Schwarz, Accountant |
Mollie Hockersmith, Grants Coordinator |
Marissa Schmitt, Compliance Specialist |


housing services

Andrea Sanders, Program Director |
Jeremy Schmidt, Housing First Manager |
Nicole Van Abel, Family Services Manager |
Mary Ann Forbes, Community System Coordinator |
Susan Dobbe Chase, Caseworker- Dane County |
Cielo Lazo, Caseworker- Dane County |
Clarice Lightning, Caseworker |
Lori Blockel, Caseworker |
Daniela Carmona, Caseworker- Waukesha County |
Arnice McGruder, Caseworker – Waukesha County |
Robert Marthaler, Caseworker- SSVF |
Charlie Arndt, Caseworker- SSVF |
Sandy Hahn, Caseworker- Jefferson County |
Samantha Centero, Caseworker-Youth |

emergency assistance

Brittany Palmer, Mortgage Assistance Supervisor |
Shoshanna Doyle, CORE Manager |
Lucy Cornejo, Rental Assistance Specialist |
Glenn Altstadt, Rental Assistance Specialist |
Justin Conley, Rental Assistance Specialist |
Yolimar Flores de Pardo, Rental Assistance Specialist |
Jackie McKnelly, Mortgage Assistance Specialist |
Lisa Helms, Mortgage Assistance Specialist |
Mia Greene, Mortgage Assistance Specialist |
Pam Jung, Mortgage Assistance Specialist |
Gloria Knight, Rental Assistant Specialist |
Josh Earle, Rental Assistant Specialist |
Spencer Childers, Rental Assistant Specialist |
Kayla Peckman, Rental Assistant Specialist |

community programs

Jay Nielsen, Program Director |
Sara Ariss, Food Bank Manager |
Lindsey Karls, Community Program Manager |
Kara White, Intake Manager |
Marcus Slaton, Double Dollars Coordinator |
Adam Zierten, Food Security Specialist
Nate Hudson, Food Security Specialist
Scott Perkins, Food Security Specialist
Sabina Gilliam, Intake Specialist |
Rhiannon Tonies, Intake Specialist |
Kanieya Vance, Intake Specialist |
Sydney Esse, Community Health Worker |
VACANT, Community Health Worker

Board of Directors

Samantha Wendt, President

Larry Nelson, Vice President

Chara Taylor-Henning, Treasurer

Betty Groenewold, Secretary


Jennifer Andrews (Finance/Personnel Committee Chair)

Katie Gillespie (PP&D/Fundraising Committee Chair)

Jude Hartwick

Linda Ketchum

Kirk Lund

Jennifer Rowedder

Julie Spitzack

MJ Van Voorst

Sandy Wareing