The Double Dollars program provides FoodShare shoppers with a dollar-for-dollar match up to $25 per market day at participating farmers’ markets. The extra money spent by shoppers goes straight into the pockets of the vendors who get reimbursed for the full value of every Double Dollar redeemed.

The 2022 Double Dollars market season is over. You can redeem summer market tokens at the Dane County Farmers’ Market winter market. Double Dollars distribution season at the Willy St. Co-op runs from October 18th through March 7th. Double Dollars are distributed every Tuesday at all three Willy St. Co-op locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Double Dollars will match up to $25 of FoodShare withdraws per individual per market day. Volunteers can run a balance inquiry on your account when they swipe your card.

Eligible products include:

  • Breads and cereals
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meats, fish, and poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Plants and seeds that grow food

Market currency cannot be spent on:

  • Flowers or non-food producing plants
  • Pet food and products
  • Non-food items like toiletries, paper products, household supplies, and cosmetics
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
  • Vitamins and medicine
  • Prepared foods (for example, anything sold by a food cart)

Double Dollars is available at participating farmers’ markets during the height of the market season each year. Dates vary slightly each year and will be announced before the season starts. The Willy Street Co-op also runs a sister program during the market off-season.

Bring your FoodShare QUEST card with you to the information booth at a participating farmers’ markets. Market staff or volunteers will swipe your card to withdraw funds. They will provide you with market money and up to $25 worth of Double Dollars.

You have a couple options!

The most common is to hang onto those dollars until the next market day. Market dollars, or the dollars you withdraw from your QUEST (EBT) card, can ONLY be spent at the market you received them at. Matched Double Dollars, can be spent at any market that participates in the Double Dollars program.

If you don’t spend all of your dollars and do not want to hang onto them until the next market, you can return them to your card. For every market dollar that goes back on your card, you must return each Double Dollar match you received.

There is no minimum, but you must withdraw in whole dollar increments.

No, anyone who has an EBT/SNAP card can participate – even if you have an out-of-state card!

The Willy Street Co-op distributes double dollars on “Double Dollars Tuesdays”. For more information visit:

See a full listing of markets below. Be sure to confirm dates and times by visiting your market’s website.

Market dollars, or the dollars you take off of your EBT/SNAP card, can ONLY be spent at the market you received them/took them off your card at. You can use your EBT/SNAP card at any market that accepts EBT, even if they don’t participate in Double Dollars. If you take off too many Market Dollars at one market and wish to spend them a another market, you can return the excess dollars to your card at the info booth where you received them and take more dollars off your card at a different market.

Matched dollars, or Double Dollars, can be spent at any market that participates in the Double Dollars program.

Winter Markets

ATTENTION: Dates and Times may have changed for your neighborhood markets due to COVID-19. For more information on your market and how they are adapting, please click on your market’s website tab.

Summer Markets


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