Success Story: Jerome

I came to CAC back in 2013 during a time in my life where I was working on getting myself together.  Choices I made in the past had put me in a position where I was struggling, not only to find housing but a job.  While working with the Wisconsin Senior Employment Program, one day they called and asked me to report to Community Action Coalition.  Not only was it a 2 hour bus ride from the other side of town, I had never even heard of CAC.  But that didn’t stop me from taking the job because I was so happy for the opportunity.

My first day at CAC, I reported to the Foods Division making $7.35/hour.  Having been out of the workforce for so long it took awhile but with the guidance of my supervisor and co-workers, I was able to get into a routine.  The staff at CAC encouraged me to use this opportunity as a stepping stone for bigger and better.  They believed that with my work ethic and the skills that I learned working with them, that I would be able to get a job making more money and possibly benefits.  Simply put, they took the time.

While at CAC, with the backing and support of my coworkers, I began looking for something better.  Believe it or not, I applied for and was offered a job at UW Hospital!  I could hardly believe it!  I would be making $11.39/hour with endless possibilities for advancement, full time hours and benefits!

I am just one example of the many lives that are being changed every day here at Community Action Coalition.