Success Story: Victor

My name is Victor. I want to briefly explain what CAC has done for me. I was a chef for the University here at Delta Gamma and Kappa sigma, 226 girls and 143 guys. I loved my job, but unfortunately I had a very bad fall that cracked my spine. I now have two rods and six screws holding me together. I’m fine now, but this was the beginning of what caused me to seek help.

After eight years of doctors, surgeries, rehabs and therapy, my partner abused me by pushing and tripping me and watching me fall. I put my pride aside, called the domestic abuse hotline and told them what I was going through. They said, “Take what you can and get out now.” They put me in a hotel and gave me some numbers to call. I called disability, housing and shelter agencies. Everybody said to wait, “next week” or “in a month.” Even the shelter told me with the medication I use; they wouldn’t have a place to lock it up. So, that would not work.

Then I called Jon at the Community Action Coalition. Out of all the people, agencies, disability programs and shelters I called, this one helped me. The folks at CAC listened to my problem, paid attention to my situation and in only three days, they had me placed in my own apartment. CAC handed me the keys and before I could show appreciation for what they had done for me, I had to stop crying first.

Hopefully, I am the voice for those who cannot express what this program has done for them. I hope you can understand how important the support, hope, and opportunities that I received from CAC has meant to me and God knows how many others.