Success Story: Harrison

Homelessness is an ugly plight. It lasted about 16 months. Too long. The worst of it is my family had to go through it with me. I hated that the most.

The journey is difficult but you learn to endure.

I met a lot of people during this time, some good, some well, you understand, not so good.

The folks at CAC were some of the good guys! My case manager was honest and professional.

Both of these attributes I really appreciate. Never tried to sell me a dream. My family and I reside in Middleton. We been here since September. Glory be to God!

Being a vet was a blessing as well. The people at HUD/VASH were also very helpful. I have since started my own nonprofit called F.A.C.E.S. Inc. to help homeless vets and their families.

When we all work together miracles happen. My family and I are one of those miracles!

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