Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program (W.R.A.P.)

Where do I start?

Please complete a pre-application. If you need assistance completing the pre-application call the W.R.A.P. Hotline at 608-237-1255

Who does the WRAP program help?

In collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Administration through the CARES Act, Community Action Coalition is assisting eligible renters who have had a significant loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In general, applicants need to be a Wisconsin resident with a household income at or below 80% of the county median income (CMI) in the month prior to the application date. Households at or below 60% of the county median income (CMI) will be prioritized for assistance. The following situations will not qualify for this program:

  • Assistance needed for Section 8 or Public Housing Authority
  • Mortgage payments

Community Action Coalition will review applications and provide assistance to eligible households on a first-come, first-served basis. The program will end once the funds are used.

If you reside outside Dane, Jefferson or Waukesha counties please click here to find a service provider for your county. For additional information about the W.R.A.P. program click here.

The Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program (W.R.A.P.) is a statewide program. However, Community Action Coalition’s service area is Dane, Jefferson, and Waukesha counties.

Applicants must be an adult Wisconsin resident with an income at or below 80% of the county median income in the month prior to the application date. See County Median Income guidelines below:

Dane County W.R.A.P. 80% County Median Income

Household Size Annual Income
1 $52,850
2 $60,400
3 $67,950
4 $75,500
5 $81,550
6 $87,600
7 $93,650
8 $99,700

Jefferson County W.R.A.P. 80% County Median Income

Household Size Annual Income
1 $43,300
2 $49,500
3 $55,700
4 $61,850
5 $66,800
6 $71,750
7 $76,700
8 $81,650

Waukesha County W.R.A.P. 80% County Median Income

Household Size Annual Income
1 $46,100
2 $52,700
3 $59,300
4 $65,850
5 $71,150
6 $76,400
7 $81,700
8 $86,950

Eligible Costs include:

  • Direct financial assistance for owed rent.
  • Security deposits

The Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program can award up to $3,000 per individual in combination of rental payments and/or security deposits.

Please know we are doing our best to serve you as quickly as we are able.  Due to a very high number of calls, we are encouraging everyone to complete the pre-application and wait to hear back from a CAC staff member.

Please click here to complete your pre-application.

If you are unable to complete the pre-application electronically, please call the W.R.A.P. Hotline: 608-237-1255 and one of our intake specialists can support you.

  • Community Action Coalition staff members will be scheduling appointments with people who have completed a pre-application.  You only need to complete the pre-application once.
  • General Appointment Hours will be between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.
  • In the pre-application, we will ask about the best time to schedule your W.R.A.P. application appointment.
  • Appointments may be scheduled outside our typical hours.
  • All appointments will be made on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All appointments will be taken over the phone. CAC will not be conducting appointments in-person as, due to COVID-19, our offices are closed to the public.
  • Applying for the W.R.A.P. program may take up to 60 minutes.
  • Individuals will need to provide documentation described in the pre-application.
  • When we schedule your appointment, we will also be providing a list of required documentation you will need to provide during the W.R.A.P. application process.

Forms for the W.R.A.P. application process:

W.R.A.P. Pre-application