My name is Becky and I am a mother of two daughters, Zoey and Hailey. I am a dedicated student with a degree in Criminal Justice and I have always worked full time. I have a strong desire to eat well and provide nutritious meals for myself and my children, but I have had to rely on FoodShare, despite working full time. I was first introduced to the Double Dollars program in 2013. Before the Double Dollars program, I wasn’t always able to shop at the Farmers’ Market and so it was hard to bring nutritious, fresh and delicious vegetables to the dinner table for my family. Since the start of the Double Dollars program, I’ve been able to finally afford to shop at the Farmers’ Market on a weekly basis, using my benefits to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as humanely raised hormone and antibiotic free meat. With the Double Dollars program allowing me to visit the Farmers’ Market every week, my children and I have formed a relationship with all of the vendors at the market who we see every week and make it a point to shop at every stand. I have also started my own garden and between that and what I get at the market, my family and I are able to always count on fresh, nutritious vegetables being available to us whenever we want, which is all the time!  My children and I also feel as if we’re a part of the community at the market, and cherish the many relationships we’ve built and the experiences that we’ve had thanks to the support received from the Double Dollars program.