Henry J. Predolin Foundation Provides Support to Community Action Coalition’s Free Food Bank to Distribute Dairy Products to Dane County’s Most Vulnerable Families

CAC truck making a delivery

Madison, Wis. – Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin (CAC) is proud to announce it has been awarded a 2023 grant of $88,500 from the Henry J. Predolin Foundation to support their food program in Dane County. This generous grant is intended to be used for purchasing and distribution of dairy for low-income children.  Since 2009, the Henry J. Predolin Foundation has donated $460,000 to CAC.

Previously, Henry J. Predolin and Irwin A & Robert D Goodman Foundation came together to fund two refrigerated trucks, with additional support from Buckets For Hunger. CAC has been able to use these trucks for the daily delivery of nutritious food to food pantries, community meal sites, and shelters across Dane County.

The foundation’s annual funding helps cover CAC’s delivery costs, allowing CAC to be the only Free Food Bank in Dane County. The Predolin Foundation’s on-going support has been essential to CAC’s food program, especially as inflation continues to impact food and fuel costs. Most of the funding CAC receives from the Predolin Foundation each year is used by CAC’s food program to provide fresh dairy items to thousands of children in rural areas of Dane County.

Food bank funding for dairy is more important now than ever. Myplate.gov estimates that 90% of Americans do not consume enough dairy in their daily diets. Rising food prices, decreasing FoodShare amounts, and ongoing supply chain issues are all reasons many children are not receiving the amount of dairy they need. Dairy is essential for children and youth as it provides them with important nutrients such as calcium, protein and vitamins D and B12, which support their growth, development, and overall health.

National formula shortages in 2022 left emergency food system partners in Dane County scrambling to find formula for their guests. Leveraging strong relationships with local dairy vendors, CAC was able to use Predolin Foundation funding to quickly step in and meet the urgent need for dairy so all of Dane County’s children could receive this essential source of nutrition.

“CAC is grateful to the Henry J. Predolin Foundation Trustees for their strong history of supporting our mission to put food on every table” said Amber Duddy, Executive Director of CAC. “The Predolin Foundation’s continued generosity allows CAC to provide fresh dairy to children and families in need throughout the rural communities in Dane County. Each year, thousands of children enjoy a variety of free dairy products, including fresh local milk, thanks to CAC’s partnership with the Predolin Foundation and United Way of Dane County.”

CAC is a United Way of Dane County Agency.