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CAC has partnered with Waukesha County agencies since 1996 to combat poverty with hope, action and resources.  We help by supplying food to pantries, meal sites and shelters and other agencies throughout Waukesha County.  We also provide support in finding a solution to affordable housing. We provide basic skill building and problem solving to help reach self sufficiency.


We collect information to help find solutions to people’s stumbling blocks. We assist people with identifying and discussing their financial situations, finding appropriate housing and ideas for increasing people’s incomes. By partnering with other agencies we give people hope to the situation they are experiencing. CAC offers a Smart Tenant Workshop to understand what is on a lease before you sign it, what everyone should know about eviction and landlord/tenant mediation.

Please feel free to contact CAC's Waukesha County office:
2312 North Grandview Boulevard, #102
Waukesha, WI 53188
(262) 354-4017 (Financial assistance and general inquiries)
(262) 894-6043 (Veteran Programs)
(608) 246-4760 (FAX via Madison office)
email: cacwauk@cacscw.org

Housing & Homeless Prevention

Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) provides case management and temporary financial assiatance to low-income veterans (single individuals and those with families) to help them maintain stable housing.

Eviction Prevention provides mediation and/or financial assistance to households that have experienced a sudden, unexpected and temporary loss of income and have received a 5-day notice from their landlord.

Rapid Re-housing provides case management and short term rental assistance to literally homeless households.

Smart Money is a basic workshop that helps participants understand differences in banking institutions, predatory lending habits, credit report importance and help with developing spending plans.

When the word "crisis" is written in Chinese it is composed of two characters -- one representing danger, the other opportunity. The CAC of Waukesha County collaborates with over 50 agencies and organizations in Waukesha County. We assist the participants on their path to a more stable and rewarding lifestyle for themselves and their families. With our programs in Waukesha County, and the coordination of services with other agencies, we are all working hard to end the cycle of poverty.
One example is John, a single father with 2 children. They were homeless and living in a tent all last summer. John was referred to us by one of our rural partners and came in to apply for the Rapid Re-housing Program last August. While on our program John was able to get re-hired at his previous place of employment, got his driver’s license back, paid off all of his back tickets, bought a vehicle and learned how to budget for paying his utilities and rent. John and his family left our program at the end of January just after being promoted to a supervisory position. John’s dedication and perseverance during his time on this program yielded great results for him and his kids.

The Smart Tenant Workshop

If you are in need of advice on tenant laws and regulations and want to know your rights and responsibilities, please attend the workshop. For more information read our flyer.

Food Security

CAC distributes food through Waukesha County Food Distribution Sites.  For more information, click on this link: Waukesha County Food Distribution Sites.

Where to Find Guide

CAC publishes a resource guide of Waukesha County services for children, seniors and families.  It includes information on employment and training, food, healthcare, transportation, housing, legal services, political representation and utility and energy assistance.  If you would like a copy, please either contact CAC or click on this link to view an electronic version: Where to Find Guide. You can also dial 2-1-1 anywhere in Wisconsin to receive help finding community resources.

Click here for a list of affordable housing options for low-income households in Waukesha County

Click here to see a brochure and list of emergency shelters.

For more information about Legal Services offered in Wisconsin, go to: Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc.

For more information about programs available in Waukesha County email - cacwauk@cacscw.org or call (262) 354-4017. Veterans in Waukesha County may call (262) 894-6043.