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Our Programs

Information & Referral

Offers information about rental housing options and supportive housing programs in Waukesha County.  Please be prepared to answer basic questions about your household and your housing situation.  CAC Information and Referral is available weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Eviction Prevention

Offers rent assistance for a short period of time and intervention with your landlord on your behalf. While this is happening, you’ll work with CAC staff to make sure that a threat of eviction doesn’t happen again.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing is a multi-service program for those who meet the US Department of Housing & Urban Development’s definition of chronic homelessness.  In Waukesha County, a HUD-sponsored network called the Housing Action Coalition maintains a priority list of those who meet the HUD definition.  Contact CAC to see if you’re eligible for the Housing Action Coalition housing priority list.  When CAC has an opening in its Permanent Supportive Housing program, we refer to this list and reach out to those with the highest priority housing needs.

Rapid Re-Housing

Offers help finding an apartment, help with the cost of a security deposit, help with rent payments for a limited time and coaching support with any concerns that might affect your long-term housing. CAC reaches out to those with limited incomes who are on Waukesha County’s Housing Action Coalition housing priority list. Contact CAC to see if you’re eligible for the Housing Action Coalition housing priority list.  The Rapid Re-Housing program is an option for those who are literally homeless and have a limited household income.

Telecommunications Assistance

For eligible individuals and families with restricted incomes, offers a way to catch-up on past due telephone bills, including cell phone, or internet access bills that are threatening loss of service.  To receive financial assistance, you may be advised to change your service plan(s) to a more cost-effective option.

To see if you qualify for any of CAC’s Housing Placement programs, please visit CAC’s offices located at 2312 North Grandview Blvd., Suite 102, in Waukesha, or call (262) 354-4017.

Housing Lists

CAC compiles a list of affordable housing available in Waukesha County. Click the button below to view the list.


To schedule a one-on-one or group workshop, contact our office at (262) 354-4017.

Smart Tenant

This free workshop helps participants understand tenant laws and regulations, as well as landlord rights and responsibilities.

Smart Money

This free workshop helps participants understand banking institutions, credit reports, budgeting, and more.

Where to Find Guide

To learn more about resources in Waukesha County, click the button below to view our Where to Find Guide.