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Just a few short years ago, Markesha was working 10 to 15 hours per week while earning $7.25 an hour.  She hadn’t graduated from high school and hadn’t even tried to pursue her GED.  As a single mother of two children, she struggled with transportation issues, poor credit, and the basic need of feeding her family. 

Markesha found out about the family self sufficiency program through the local housing authority. CAC worked with Markesha on an individual service plan for her short and long term employment goals.  We then introduced her to a wide variety of community resources to assist her and her family.  Along the way, CAC provided a wonderful source of encouragement, which helped her to believe that she could turn her life around. 

During the process, we were able to help Markesha realize that she had a previously undiagnosed learning disability.  Markesha was dyslexic.  This diagnosis helped her to overcome her lack of confidence and weaken her self perception that she was stupid.  Before her involvement with CAC, Markesha never thought it was even possible for her to ever earn enough money to be self sufficient.

Getting involved with our organization allowed Markesha work towards her GED, improve her credit score and get a better paying job.  Markesha completed the Construct U program through the YWCA and has the potential to make upwards of $25.00 per hour as a certified flagger.  Markesha now has realistic goals of working hands on in the construction of buildings, owning her own home and taking her children to Disneyland.

Markesha says that without the support of CAC, she wouldn’t have had the confidence and encouragement to take these steps on her own.