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Volunteers are relied upon to staff more than 100 routes a week.
We invite individuals, volunteer groups, and businesses to join our dedicated volunteer team in increasing food security in our community.

Volunteer commitment involves:

  • An hour or two of your time each week.
  • Use of your vehicle (mileage is not reimbursed but is tax deductible).
  • Food safety training.
  • Monthly estimate of the quantity you picked up and delivered.
  • A typical volunteer shift involves one or more regularly scheduled donation pick-ups and one or more drop-offs at distribution sites. See our list of available Food-Recovery Routes.

Donation pick-up.
During the scheduled pick-up times, the volunteer drives to a donating business, such as a restaurant, grocery store, caterer, bakery, or deli. The volunteer loads food items into his/her vehicle and proceeds to deliver the food to one or more sites.

Donation drop-off.
The volunteer delivers the food to one or more nearby distribution sites. These drop sites include community centers, soup kitchens, rehabilitation facilities, senior centers and homes, homeless shelters, low-income apartment complexes, and after-school care centers.

Donation routes.
Pick-ups and drop-offs are always scheduled in advance, and occur in windows of 1-2 hours. Scheduled pick-ups and deliveries generally occur between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  CAC staff work closely with volunteers to ensure that volunteer shifts are convenient and that substitutions are available when necessary.

How to volunteer.
It’s easy! See our list of available Food-Recovery Routes.
E-mail gleaners@cacscw.org or call Brian O'Leary at (608) 246-4730 ext. 207.

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