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Why you should consider donating.
According to the University of Wisconsin-Extension Food Security Project, 11.4% of Wisconsin Residents have an inadequate supply of food (Poverty Awareness for Community Engagement, Winter 2011)

In 2010 food pantries in Dane, Jefferson and Waukesha Counties experienced 181,677 household visits for their services. This number represents a 53% increase over the number of visits that were made just two years earlier.

Food waste is the third largest component of Wisconsin landfills, behind construction/demolition wastes and paper/cardboard. Food waste makes up about 18% of the total composition of Wisconsin landfills. With only a 3% recovery rate, it is currently the least recovered item in Wisconsin.

A USDA report indicates that recovering 5% of food discards in the U.S. could feed an additional 4 million people nationwide each day.

Benefits for your company.
Donating usable food items will help reduce hunger and waste. In addition, your donations may be tax deductible and you may be able to reduce the cost of your garbage bills.

You are protected.
Federal and state laws protect you from liability when you donate food in good faith. Good Samaritan laws are specifically designed to protect you, the donor. In brief, the laws state that you cannot be held liable if you have donated food you believe to be edible and safe.

View a copy of the federal Good Samaritan Law. Wisconsin Statute 895.51 also protects donors from liability.

Donating food to CAC Gleaners is easy!

  • Identify items suitable for donation.
  • Email or call (608) 246-4730 ext. 206.
  • Designate a staff person to oversee the donations.
  • Meet food safety standards (food safety training/materials provided).
  • Have donated items ready for pick-up at your scheduled time.

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For questions or more information about CAC Gleaners, e-mail Wayne Morris, Food and Gardens Division Manager at or call (608)246-4730 ext. 206.

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